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Martapura (MAN 4 Banjar) – Head of MAN 4 Banjar Drs. H. Saipurrahman, MM emphasized that the implementation of face-to-face learning carried out in order to always comply with health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to him, this is important and is a basic thing in PTM in the midst of this pandemic.

“I hope we always pay attention to the appropriate health protocols in the implementation of this PTM,” he said during the evaluation meeting on the first day of PTM at MAN 4 Banjar with the Covid-19 handling task force team at MAN 4 Banjar Wednesday (14/07/21) at the Religious Lab.

Saipur added that even though it was running smoothly, his party would always fix the implementation of this PTM so that it ran as expected.

“Reflecting on the implementation of this first day, even though there are no problems, we will continue to evaluate and improve regularly for the future to be better,” he said.

MAN 4 Banjar began to carry out PTM Wednesday (14/07/21), level students will take turns attending Madrasah during the PTM implementation.

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