MAN 4 Banjar Latih Siswa Penyelenggaraan Jenazah

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Martapura (MAN 4 Banjar) – Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 4 Banjar provides special training to students in religious programs related to the organization of corpses.

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They were provided with training in carrying out funerals through direct practitioners who used to work in the community, namely Ustadz H. Zuhdi Dusam for male students and Ustadzah Hj. Junaizah for female students.

Each of them was taught extensively and in detail regarding the organization of the corpse from bathing, shrouding, praying and burying.

The activity was officially opened by the Head of Madrasah (Kamad) MAN 4 Banjar, Drs. H. Saipurrahman, MM who emphasized that the participation of religious program students after graduation is highly expected in the community.

“Bathing the dead, shrouding, cutting cloth, and others related to the implementation of the funeral arrangements must be studied, understood and mastered by the students of the religious program. So, if there is a sudden need, our students, both now and after graduation, can be ready and alert to respond. implement,” said Kamad when giving a speech in the Lab Hall. Religious Affairs of MANPK-MAN 4 Banjar, Monday (08/11/21).

The head of the body organizing training, Paishal, explained that this training was an effort to improve students’ social intelligence when they later returned to their hometown. “With training like this, we already have the capital to take part in the community,” he said when giving a statement.

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